Dear visitors
Before you visit the website, I would like you to read an important message.

My name is René Balli and 14 years ago I launched the vapman vaporizer after years of designing, developing and making adjustments to the original model. At the time, vapman was one of the first portable vaporizers available world-wide.
This same vaporizer (and its variants) is still prized by connoisseurs, vape enthusiasts and everyday users around the world. The authentic taste, the efficiency, the ritual and the elegant, solid and sustainable materials make the vapman a collector's item.
Vapman has provided me with a good income and much joy over all these years. At this point, I’d like to say a big thank you to all my valued and loyal customers! Since I am not timeless, unlike vapman, it is time to find a successor to the business.
I am ready for a change and know that someone out there will want to take this successful business with growing potential and make it their own. If your heart beats for the vapman and you are interested in owning the business or chatting about options, please write me an email:

Due to this impending change, until further notice no orders from new customers can be accepted. Of course, the guarantees for already sold items remain.


The plain beauty and performance of this handy vaporizer will persuade you to own one. The vapman is either suitable for medical self-treatment or the natural enjoyment of herbs and aromatic substances. It is also guaranteed to be contaminant-free.