With the vapman you are buying an original Swiss quality product that is easy to use and has a simple, beautiful design.
Please read the following operating instructions carefully. If you still have questions about the device, please contact us directly. For questions regarding the dosage and the suitability of plants, please ask your aroma-therapist or alternative practitioner or consult the specialized literature. The device lets itself be handled intuitively and offers gentle, pleasant enjoyment plus swift effectiveness. You will find it completely convincing. Just try it and see how it suits you best.
Attention: do not vaporize or inhale substances that you do not know!

Opening and filling

Open the container by pressing on the sides and carefully drawing the two halves apart. Then take out the middle section by turning it anti-clockwise. (1) Then insert the funnel tube so that the herbs do not get stuck to the edge and are later burnt off. Hold the vapman vertically when filling it, or place it on a level surface. Fill the finely chopped herbs only as far as the edge of the pan so that the air can later circulate freely. The vaporizer will not function if it is too full. (2) After filling, take the funnel tube out again and remove any excess herbs from the edge of the pan, either with your fingers or with a toothpick, (3) and then replace the middle section again. (4) Should any herbs have remained caught on the edge, remove these with a toothpick or by blowing them away.


Hold the vapman by the handle ring (see the arrows in the diagram). Touch the apex of the copper pan with the tip of the flame jet. The length of time required for the heating will depend on the size of the flame. The following can serve as a guide:

Flame approx. 10 mm: 5-6 seconds
Flame approx. 15 mm: 3-4 seconds
Flame approx. 20 mm: 2-3 seconds

Attention: Do not heat the pan any longer than indicated, otherwise the herbs will burn up!

Tip: herbs will vaporize more gently and more evenly if you heat them for briefer periods but more often.

If the pan is cold, it must first be warmed up at intervals of ca 2 seconds so that the heat can be distributed evenly. Just try it out for yourself. When you inhale, you will quickly notice whether the ideal temperature has already been reached. Rather heat too little than too much.

If the copper pan is vastly overheated, this can result in a flaking of the gold plate. The vapman will nevertheless remain functional.
Attention: When heating the vapman, hold it only by the handle ring! When inhaling with the vapman, only use jet flame lighters!


After heating, inhale deeply and gently through the mouthpiece (for a maximum of 15 seconds and a minimum of 5 seconds). Hold the vapour in your lungs before breathing out again. (6) You will immediately notice if the active ingredients are vaporizing and if the vapman has reached the right temperature. If you don’t feel any warm, active vapours, you can reheat. Reheating once should suffice, since the pan will still be warm. The herbs should only be roasted, not burnt, otherwise smoke will occur that can damage your lungs. Please consult your aroma-therapist or alternative practitioner regarding herbs and their utilization, and also consult the specialist literature.


The process is finished when you can feel none of the active ingredients any more. Unscrew the middle section (7) and check the colour of the herbs. They should have been coloured brown. Tap out the contents and remove any residual herbs with a toothpick. (8) After each filling, give the filter a good rub on a piece of cloth or a paper towel.

Tip: Clean the filter while it is still warm. This is the easiest way of removing any residue.


How often you have to clean your vapman depends on the kind of herbs that you inhale. In order for it to function perfectly, neither the air-holes in the middle section nor the air nozzles may be blocked. You can remove residue with a needle. The mouthpiece can be cleaned either with methylated spirits or hot water. Now and then it is advisable to unscrew the filter and clean it with alcohol. You can scrape away any residue on the middle section. For a complete cleaning process, the middle section can be placed in acetone. The pan can be cleaned with a cotton bud soaked in alcohol or aceton. The heat protection (mica) should not be cleaned and should not get in contact with liquids. Parts of it can flake off after frequent use, though this is not unusual and has no impact on the lifespan of your vapman.