During phyto-inhalation, herbal agents are inhaled by means of a vaporizer. This can be for purposes of medical self-treatment or for the enjoyment of herbs or aromatic substances. Phyto-inhalation produces no smoke, and the vapours contain exclusively the concentrated ingredients of the plants.

How does it work?
Plant matter (‘phyto’) is heated with a vaporizer. The active ingredients are vaporized and inhaled. In contrast to usual methods of administration (such as smoking), phyto-inhalation produces no smoke. This means that the vapours do not contain any contaminants, but only the active ingredients. These are taken up into the lungs efficiently and quickly, and enter the bloodstream straightaway. The effect can be felt after just a few seconds, and taking the right dose is thus very easy. Phyto-inhalation only uses a third of the amount of plant material that is needed when it is smoked. It is gentle on the lungs and airways. Inhaling the active ingredients is highly pleasurable, because the hot vapours containing them are mixed with cool, fresh air. The temperature of the vapours inhaled is thus roughly that of the human body. Because the vapours inhaled from the vapman do not contain any harmful substances, their taste is furthermore unadulterated and authentic.

What can be inhaled?
All natural substances that are not destroyed by boiling can be vaporized. This is the case for all known plants. Different parts of different plants are used for purposes of vaporizing, from the blossom to the root. Plant mixtures are also suitable for inhalation. For information on the effect and use of medicinal plants it is wise to consult an expert or the appropriate specialist literature.

What else is important to note?
The plant material should be dried and finely diced, for this allows the active ingredients to be heated the quickest. The boiling point of plant ingredients lies between 110°C and 230°C. When preparing phyto-inhalation it is wise to heat the material slowly and to take note that the ingredients to be inhaled are not overheated. During inhalation one notices quickly if the ingredients are being released, or if they have been used up.
Please check the ingredients after use. They may assume a faint brown colour but should not be black and burnt. They should rather have the colour of roasted nuts.