The vapman is a Swiss product. Its development and production have been in line with the traditional values of Swiss industry, with the highest demands regarding quality, reliability and precision. We put the greatest possible value on the satisfaction of our customers.

Bienne – the city of watches
Our manufacturing base is in Bienne, a city at the centre of the Swiss watch industry. Bienne has longstanding traditions and its experience and care in working with high-quality materials is something that cannot be bettered anywhere in the world. With the world-renowned watch companies Omega, Rolex and Swatch, Bienne is one of the most important centres of watch-making on the globe. It is the ideal environment for a workshop that deals with very small components and works to the highest quality standards.

Switzerland as a business location
Reliability, punctuality, and politically and economically stable – Switzerland is proud of these qualities. Because the country has no raw materials of its own, research and development are of particular importance here. No other country in the world invests as much per capita in basic research and new technologies.

The vapman is a classical example of truly Swiss innovation, combining exact planning, exceptional materials and precise handiwork. Convince yourself of our quality and our service.